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Welcome to the next revolution in footwear. Sazzi sandals are designed to provide the most comfort, support, and performance imaginable in a sandal. Whether you are hiking, climbing, rafting, swimming, or just lounging by the pool, Sazzi’s four toe-post technology will heighten your experience.

Sazzi sandals have quickly become a forever favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and even casual users. Scroll down to learn more about our sandals, the inspiration behind the name, and why our customers can’t live without them.

Sazzi Reviews

“Greatest Shoes Ever”

These are the greatest shoes ever. I wear them almost all of the time and want to order more.

– H. Roster

“Can’t Live Without Them”

I have severe plantar fasciitis and these are the ONLY shoes I can wear and be completely pain free.

– Dawn P.

“Happy Feet at Last!”

These are the most comfortable shoes I own! Definitely one of the best purchases made this year!

– C. Menz

“My Favorite Shoes!”

So comfortable and durable. Best shoes I own. I can even run in these sandals with no pain. I wear them hiking, in the water or just casual walking.

– L. Fischer

“So Comfy”

Feels like I’m wearing nothing on my feet. Enjoying them to no end.

– K. Rod

“I Love Them!”

My third pair ordered!! I love them! They help my posture and eliminate foot pain. So comfortable.

– Pamela C.


Designed by Mark Thatcher, inventor of the Sport Sandal and founder of Teva, SAZZI is the realization of a decades-long quest to create the sandal of his dreams – one that strikes the perfect balance between barefoot comfort and performance.

The SAZZI sandal embodies Mark Thatcher’s best footwear yet, incorporating the four toe-post technology, which he believes to be the most functional and revolutionary design in footwear to date.

Inventor Mark Thatcher in the News

Sazzi: The Last Revolution in Footwear

Mark Thatcher, the father of the sport sandal, to launch the last revolution in footwear with Sazzi.

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Water Shoes are Making the Leap

“Footwear connects you to the earth, to feelings of well-being, agility and health in general,” Mr. Thatcher said. “Freeing your feet can open up parts of your mind.”

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Shoes of the Summer

Mark Thatcher’s Velcro-strapped sandal has been worn by fashion designers, CEOs, outdoors people, and more.

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Not Just Comfortable – They’re Cool

In recent seasons the fashion crowd has adopted Tevas as their own: wearing them on the streets of Copenhagen, styling them with the fanciest of clothes, and yes, featuring them on the runway.

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Sazzi Origins

Vanishing from their cliff dwellings many centuries ago, a Native American people – the Anasazi, were named by their Navajo neighbors for their physical abilities. “Ana” – meaning adversary, and “Sazi” – meaning agile or fit.   These “fit and agile warriors” were the only ancient people known to have incorporated multiple toe posts into their sandals, allowing them to master the diverse terrains of the American Southwest.

Out of respect and admiration for these indigenous people, and inspired by their unique approach to footwear, the Sazzi revolution was born.

Today, Mr. Thatcher tends to the same land once inhabited by these native people, drawing wisdom from relics of the past, while receiving inspiration for the future.  

More Sazzi Reviews

“Best Pair of Sandals I’ve Ever Owned”

I needed sandals for my trip to Thailand. 3 weeks and I didn’t wear anything else. Hiking, biking, walking on the beach, pretty much all activities.

– Steve B.

“Hands Down the Best Sandals Ever”

I have 5 pair and I keep them everywhere. These are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever worn. I wear nothing else.

– Amazon Customer

“Need to Make a Shoe Version Too!”

These are the best sandals and fit like a glove! They don’t slide around. This is my second pair!

– J. Costilow


Thank you for your interest in our revolutionary sandals. Due to popular demand, we have Sold Out of our original designs and have temporarily closed our online store. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In the meantime, our team is working hard on our latest Sazzi designs. Thank you for your patience during this period and we look forward to providing more updates, and sandals, to you in the future.

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