Sazzi Recycle

Sazzi® sandals offer meaningful connections to a lifestyle of awareness and fulfillment that is inherent in each of us. Building our sandals with the 100% RECYCLABLE product, PLUSfoam®, allows us to build performance footwear while connecting us to the environment we are so strongly tied to through our love of the outdoors.

PLUSfoam recycles and reuses post-manufacturing scrap and post-consumer products whenever possible, while outperforming and outlasting products made from traditional foam or rubber materials. Sazzi footwear also benefits from PLUS’ improved material qualities such as anti-microbial footbeds and positive traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Sazzi sandals are 100% RECYCLABLE. You can send back your pair of 5 year-old “Decimal”s and know that they will find their way into a brand new pair of Sazzi sandals or another environmentally friendly product. It is all recycled and re-used. This eliminates needless landfill waste, the need for virgin material to be produced and reduces your carbon footprint dramatically. By using PLUSfoam in our Sazzi footwear, we can offer highly functional products with a clear environmentally-friendly choice.

The Anasazi, ancient pueblo dwellers of North America, were not only known for their advanced innovations, but for their respect and protection of their native lands. Sazzi’s footwear is building on that same philosophy. Be a part of this effort and help close the loop!

For more information about PLUSfoam and how to recycle and reuse your Sazzi Footwear, please visit