Mark Thatcher, inventor of the Teva® sport sandal is back.  When he introduced Teva® in 1984, it was thought to be the first amphibious and the best athletic sandal ever created – going all the way back to Roman times. Thatcher coined the name “sport sandals” to better describe his invention. He has since discovered that another people in his own backyard cobbled athletic sandals out of woven yucca fibers. Ancient ancestors of all pueblo dwelling Native American Peoples, the Anasazi, used two toe posts to stabilize their feet for the hardcore terrain in which they lived.  This became the inspiration behind a new vision in footwear…Sazzi.

Brett Ritter, having worked with Thatcher on TEVA’s design team, went on to become REEF’s Vice-President of Product, ushering in the era of the “utility” footwear, with the Mick Fanning sandal. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the footwear industry at TEVA®, REEF® and Simple® and has advised action and outdoor sports brands across many industries including Patagonia®, The North Face®, Gravis® and New Balance®, among many others.

“Thatcher and I had some longstanding aspirations and goals left unfulfilled from our past endeavors together in the footwear world that we wanted to bring to market and get on peoples feet!  Sazzi is the vehicle for that innovation.”    –Brett Ritter

“The footwear Industry is more open to new innovative ideas and products than ever before. We see an opportunity to bring some fresh new thinking to the playing field in technical footwear.” – Mark Thatcher

At Sazzi, we are a team of dreamers, inventors, innovators and product builders. At our core, we are outdoor athletes and enthusiasts – just like you.  We always find time to get out there – playing in the mountains, surfing the oceans and living an active, healthy lifestyle. We invite you to connect with us and expand our tribe of like-minded people around the world!

TEVA® is a registered trademark owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation and is in no way affiliated with SAZZI FOOTWEAR, LLC.